Wednesday, December 1, 2010

buah misteri...Tiessa

pernah tengok tak buah puan yaya yang bawak ke office tuk tanye kat orang Philippine  kat production..coz buah ni anak pokok nyer dulu datang dari buah ni 'Tiessa'..dah macam name org lak hehehe..
 memang pelik la buah ni..bukak jer dah rase pelik n tertanye2..betul ker boleh makan buah ni..lain macam jer rupe bentuk isi nyer..tak menyelerakan pun huhuhu..tapi dengan beraninyer kitorg rase gak la..coz yaya kate..burung kat umah die makan relax jer..banyak lak tu..banyak gak nur makan..hampir sebijik gak la..Alhamdulillah tak mabuk n masih hidup hehehe..(padahal org philippine tu kate kat sane mmg banyak buah ni..n die slalu makan...)..

ni rupe bijik buah tu..nur bawak balik nak campak kat kawasan flat umah nur hehehe..mane tau tumbuh ker...

nur gak cari kat google pasal buah ni...rupenyer kat malaysia pun de..tapi tak banyak la..

'The Canistel or Egg Fruit  is quite a common fruit in the Philippines where many other fruits of South American origin can also be found, no doubt introduced by the Spanish in the old days. In other Asian countries it is a rather rare curiousity. In the Philippines it's called Tiessa or Tisa or Chessa, another English names is Yellow Sapote as it belongs to the Sapote family or Sapotaceae. The species name is Pouteria camphechiana. In Malaysia where it seems to be a rather new introduction it's variously called Buah Mentega or Buah Lemak (meaning "Butter Fruit" or "Creamy Fruit" respectively). The ripe fruits are yellow and waxy skinned with a pulp that has the consistency of a hard-boiled egg yolk, hence its other name. The green fruit contain a sticky latex which disappear or at least lessen when the fruit is soft and fully ripe . Fruits can be highly variable in size and shape--ranging from round to pointed and ovaloid. They are usually eaten fresh out of hand but can also be used in custards, pies, milkshakes and other desserts...'

ni nur amik kat blog alindanaw..