Tuesday, November 24, 2009

yumyumyum...sedap nyer coklat..

Seronok arini coz dapat coklat sekotak..coklat Ferrero Rondnoir..kat malaysia xpernah jumpe lak coklat ni..biase jumpe Ferrero Rocher jer..coklat ni Kakak Callie beli kat Australia..thanks kakak Callie ;)..B4 g sane lagi Callie dah cakap nak belikan kitorg coklat..bau pun dah tau sedap..bile mkn lagi la..yumyumyum..sedap..tapi xleh nak mkn byk2..muak lak nnt coz coco die pekat..dark choc la katekan..n bertambah2 tembam lak pun dah semakin tembam diri ini..

Ferrero Rondnoir   'Crisp dark chocolate-covered specialty, with a smooth filling and a dark chocolate center'

'Ferrero Rondnoir, (prounounced 'rown-WAAR') is the latest development from Ferrero Rocher, the world-renowned chocolate brand that has become famous for its hazelnut chocolate creations. '

'Ferrero Rondnoir is made exactly like the classic Forrero Rocher, and distinguishes itself from the rest in its rich brown foil wrapping. It's the same size and shape as the golden Ferrero Rocher balls, except it's made with a dark chocolate cream instead of the milk-hazelnut blend, but still enveloped in the crisp, (addictive) nutty wafer.The center of Ferrero Rondnoir is a rich dark pearl of chocolate which is surrounded by chocolate cream, then the crunchy wafer and coating. It's then rolled in dark chocolate morsels for an extra crunch.